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Psi is so unstable and scarce that only a very small amount can be created at our laboratory each year.  Through intense research and development, and by contributions from our generous benefactors, we have perfected the creation, encapsulation, and packaging of Psi so that this powerful and willful force can be used by anyone... anywhere and anyhow they wish!

The field of Psionics, the manipulation of the aether using synthetic Psi, is growing by leaps and bounds and we are pioneering much of this work.  After we are awarded the patents we have applied for, we will be releasing a white paper describing in detail how the Wish Pill is created and why and how it works.  Stay tuned!

How do I take the Wish Pill?

Detailed instructions are included with each Wish Pill.  It is recommended that you take the Wish Pill with 6 ounces of purified water.  Do not chew the capsule.  Use just one to saturate your mind with Psi to unleash the power of your desire, will, hope, and faith.  The more vivid and detailed your wish the better.  The Wish Pill will only work for one wish.  Multiple wishes require multiple Wish Pills.  The results and speed in which they take effect by using the Wish Pill will depend on the person making the wish, what exactly is desired, and how many Wish Pills a person has already taken.  For most individuals, the effects of the Wish Pill resolve immediately... for others, multiple Wish Pills may be needed to force your wish to manifest in reality.

Do I need to ingest the Wish Pill for it to work?

No.  Many users incorporate the Wish Pill into a talisman, charm, amulet, idol, altar, or some other type of ceremonial device or jewelry and still experience satisfactory results; however, it is recommended that you allow the potent power of Psi to enter your bloodstream and work its way into your mind for maximum results and full effects.

Is the Wish Pill just utilizing the placebo effect?

While our studies show that over 18 percent (%) of all effectiveness can be attributed to the placebo effect, the effectiveness of a single Wish Pill is much higher... near 94 percent (%) - this number approaches 100 percent (%) with multiple doses.  What this means is that Psi, the ingredient inside each Wish Pill, is believed to be the primary factor in a user's wish resolving satisfactorily.  The best way to describe how the Wish Pill works is to imagine your brain as a radio transmitter, capable of sending and receiving messages through the aether.  A wish, like a radio broadcast, exists on a particular frequency.  Psi tunes your mind to the frequency of your wish, allowing it to manifest in reality, much like how a radio broadcast can play through your radio after you have tuned into its frequency.

Do Wish Pills expire?

Unfortunately, yes, they do expire.  While our creation of Psi has been refined over the years and our packaging is state-of-the-art, synthetically created Psi doesn't last forever.  Psi has a half-life of thirty (30) days.  This means that after thirty (30) days, Wish Pills are only fifty (50) percent (%) as potent as one that has been created within thirty (30) days.  After sixty (60) days, Wish Pills lose another fifty (50) percent (%) of the potency, making them only twenty-five (25) percent (%) as effective as one that was created within thirty (30) days.  After ninety (90) days, Wish Pills are only as effective as a true placebo pill. 

What is included with my Wish Pill order?

Each Wish Pill will be shipped with the following:

  • Fully-materialized and charged Psi energy contained in a 100% BSE-free, gelatin power capsule.
  • Cobalt-coated blue polymer glass storage and display vial.
  • Individually-numbered "Authentic" and "Genuine" tamper-evident hologram seal.
  • Polyethylene "Faraday Cage" reclosable casing.
  • Metallic psionic power carrying pouch.
  • Complete instructions for use.
  • Certificate of Authenticity with matching serial number.
  • The Beginner's Guide to Wish Pill Mastery.
  • Discreet shipping in anti-static bubble mailer.
  • Free shipping & handling.
  • Instant order confirmation and shipment tracking information.

Why is the Wish Pill so expensive?

Good question!  The short answer is that research and development is expensive and our costs are high, especially when you consider the hourly cost of working with our high-tech equipment.  Additionally, we have the generally high costs of keeping some of the greatest minds in psionic science on our payroll.  Fear not, though... with each order we make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help ensure everyone has a chance to live the life they wish.

How do I order the Wish Pill?

You can place an order for your Wish Pill(s) on this website using the PayPal button below while supplies last!  PayPal is the most-trusted online merchant tool available.  You can be certain your order information will be encrypted and never shared with anyone!  A charge from ***TAGB MEDIA***, our distributor, will appear on your bank statement.

DISCLAIMER & WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  Wish Pill Laboratory does not accept responsibility for the actions of people taking the Wish Pill.  It is strongly advised that your wishes be safe, sane, and legal.  By taking the Wish Pill you agree to hold Wish Pill Laboratory, its staff, vendors, and partners harmless from any all results that occur from the use of the Wish Pill.  By purchasing the Wish Pill you are attesting that your motivations are beneficial to the environment and population of the world.  In addition, you agree to take full responsibility for your actions and the effects of the Wish Pill.

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How does the Wish Pill work?

Thoughts are things.  They are real.  One thought by a single individual can become the greatest achievement of mankind.  A wish is simply a thought that hasn't happened, yet.

Everyone makes a wish at some point in their life.  These wishes are based on the four primal powers of the human mind.  These powers are:

  1. Desire
  2. Will
  3. Hope
  4. Faith

You have these powers in fluctuating and various amounts throughout your life.  With these powers ALL things are possible.

Many times in your life you make a wish and ask it to come true, but you don't have the right combination of desire, will, hope, and faith to make it a reality.  When you DO have the right combination of desire, will, hope, and faith you can be omnipotent!

With the Wish Pill, you can ensure you have the proper combination of desire, will, hope, and faith to make anything possible... from the simple and likely to the complex and far-fetched!

What can the Wish Pill be used for?

The Wish Pill can be used to make a wish come true.  The following types of wishes are most commonly granted by the Wish Pill:

  • Love & Romance
  • Health & Well-being
  • Money & Fortune
  • Inspiration & Creativity
  • Work & Career
  • Power & Strength
  • Anything you set your mind to as new uses are discovered daily!

Specifically, the Wish Pill:

  • Enables your mind to utilize the power of Cosmic Habitforce to access Infinite Intelligence.
  • Unleashes the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Releases unlimited potential with infinite possibilities.
  • Focuses your willpower to achieve any goal.
  • Turns dreams into reality.
  • Forces fate and destiny to align to your will.

The Wish Pill will make ANY wish come true instantly!

What is inside the Wish Pill?

Each Wish Pill contains a powerful, complex ingredient called "Psi" (prounounced "sigh"), or "Ѱ" in the Greek alphabet.

Psi is not found naturally in nature (except by rare accident in young humans and other lifeforms), but has been known to exist since ancient times.  In fact, some experts believe Psi to be the tool used by ancient cultures to build some of the world's greatest wonders, such as the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge.  It must be cultivated for years and harvested at just the right time by using refined technology to manipulate the atomic structure of the aether.

Watch the video below to witness the creation of Psi in our laboratory:

Psi is highly unstable and dissipates in seconds if not stored in the proper environment.  For this reason, Psi is encased in a specially-lined gelatin capsule and stored in a hermetically-sealed glass vial, coated with a special blue cobalt polymer designed to store Psi at its maximum strength and to prolong its shelf life.  Through this packaging technology you can be assured that you are receiving the purest and most powerful form of Psi possible.

Watch the video below to observe Psi being released into the atmosphere under controlled conditions in our laboratory: