What is a Wish Pill?

We were hoping the name would be kind of self-explanatory and we wouldn't have to get into that.  Make a wish, take the pill... this isn't rocket science, this stuff.

Is this some kind of joke?

Yes, and we really hoped these wouldn't sell as well as they do, but apparently people like to buy these for gifts, parties, and receptions, and such.  We even heard about one person who ordered one and did nothing with it.

Why should I spend my hard-earned money on a Wish Pill?

We are kind of hoping you don't.  We have other stuff to do besides hand-craft you one of our original Wish Pills.

What is inside the Wish Pill?

The stuff dreams are made of.  We just figured out a way to bottle it and sell it.

Does the Wish Pill utilize the placebo effect?

Yes.  If for some reason your wish comes true after taking the Wish Pill then it's fair to say you've just proven the placebo effect is real.  That being said, you've just ruined it for everyone... so thanks for asking that.

What is included with my Wish Pill order?

Each Wish Pill will be shipped with the following:

  • Fully-materialized and charged Psi energy contained in a 100% BSE-free, gelatin power capsule.
  • Cobalt-coated blue polymer glass storage and display vial.
  • Individually-numbered "Authentic" and "Genuine" tamper-evident hologram seal.
  • Polyethylene "Faraday Cage" reclosable casing.
  • Metallic psionic power carrying pouch.
  • Complete instructions for use.
  • Certificate of Authenticity with mataching serial number.
  • The Beginner's Guide to Wish Pill Mastery.
  • Discreet shipping in anti-static bubble mailer.
  • Free shipping & handling.
  • Instant order confirmation and shipment tracking information.

Why is the Wish Pill so expensive?

Because that is the absolute minimum we need to get our asses of the couch to put your order together.  Don't worry though, after we take a hefty cut to compensate ourselves for running this stupid website we donate the rest to the Make-A-Wish Foundation ... it's the only way we can sleep at night doing this.

How do I order the Wish Pill?

Really?  Okay, then.  You can place an order for your Wish Pill(s) on this website using the PayPal button below while supplies last!  PayPal is the most-trusted online merchant tool available.  You can be certain your order information will be encrypted and never shared with anyone.

Wish Pill... Wish Granted!


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